TCP Original: Sorrow to Joy

Short documentary featuring Natalie Pierson from Mental Health Grace Alliance sharing thoughts about her struggles with bi-polar disorder and its effect on her faith.

Looking at mental illness, I want to say that it’s not a result of an individual’s personal sin. With my experience, I know that sin entered the world and that this image that God had desired for us is distorted. That occurs with mental illness that occurs with other illnesses, it’s just present regardless.
— Natalie Pierson

TCP Original: Psalm 31

Short experimental piece based on The Cave Place's theme verse Psalm 31: 3-5. 

A few years ago, I had sent this verse to a friend struggling with addiction and I realized how much it pertains to my mental health struggles as well. I wrote it out for myself and taped it next to my bed. As I sat one morning with the NIV and Message versions open, pouring through the Psalms to find a theme verse for this project, I kept glancing at Psalm 31. I was stuck on trying to find a water metaphor because it is calming, but I just couldn’t find anything that worked. I kept finding that David was crying out to God because of his own sin or because of physical enemies. I looked over at the verse once again and said to God, “OK , I get it. It’s the cave.
— Katie Waters